WWW-ISIS: Interfacing Micro CDS/ISIS with WWW

The WWW-ISIS software has been implemented by ICIE and CC in cooperation with FAO, Waicent. WWW-ISIS can be used for publishing ISIS databases on WEB, as well as for building sophisticated web based information systems working on ISIS databases. The systems can use such WWW-ISIS functions like information retrieval, data entry (if needed, integrated with e-mail), access control and many other. In addition it can be used for preparing CD-ROMs with the ISIS database.

How to get the system


The system can perform the following functions:


The Institute for Computer and Information Engineering and "CC" Poland have developed a technology allowing one for dynamic interfacing Micro CDS/ISIS databases in WWW. You can see how works search at the sites:
http://www.oefse.at/oefse (site at OeFSE)
http://faolex.fao.org/faolex   (site at FAO Legal database)
http://faolex.fao.org/fishery  (site at FAO, previously used to be a printed index)
http://www4.fao.org/faobib/   (site at FAO, FAO Catalogue)
http://library.iccrom.org/libris  ICCROM Library
http://weblis.unep.org/libcat/ UNEP, Nairobi IUCN, (Bonn)

Other users of WWW-ISIS: IFAD, IDLI, WFP, IRCT, Ministry of Economy in Argentina, and many AGRIS Regional/National Centers building AGRIS database (here you can see cross-database search), as well as some fifty ASFA Partners.

To see  data entry to the Catalogue, refer to (the version implemented for the UNEP Library)

login as: dba
and provide pasword: dba

Now you can play with entering new records or updating old ones. To see how you can use thesaurus for indexing move to page 6 of a worksheet and try BROWSE button of the subject descriptors field. Or click here to see some screens.

Please note that with WWW-ISIS you can  do data entry in any alphabet - Arabic, Russian, Greek, etc.

For Arabic see the first record from the BROWSE list  (see also the picture below)



Now the free demo for search and data entry functions is available:
Demo installation procedure - compressed
download here
size: 2 MB 
System documentation - compressed zip file containing 
3 WinWord 97 documents: 
DE-Demo.doc Demo Installation 
isis3wrefm.doc Reference Manual
isis3w-tutor.doc tutorial for the search interface building
size: 0,93 MB
HTML tutorials   -     search

data entry 

2,4 MB

1,5 MB


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